The Dolomites in Italy is known for it’s jagged peaks, dramatic valleys and alpine meadows. This area beckons outdoor adventurers from around the world.

I visited the Dolomites recently during autumn and it’s got to be one of the most best places in the world for photography.

Here’s a list of my highlights from the trip and some information to help you get the most out of your trip.

As a disclaimer, this is not a complete list of photo locations in the Dolomites. There are of course lots of locations to explore and this is just my experience from a week visit there.


1) St. Jakobs-Kirche

I don’t see this location listed that often as a ‘photography location’ but I really enjoyed capturing this beautiful church.

I much preferred photographing St.-Jakobs-Kirche as opposed to the more poplar Church of St. John. I found both the church and the backdrop far more interesting.

During autumn, sunrise to the best time for photography here and I was able to capture the golden light shining just above the tree line.


2) Glatschalm

Glatschalm is nestled on the west side of the Dolomites and close to the popular village of St. Magdalena.

I found this area a great place to photograph the mountain huts nestled beneath the towering mountain range.

I struggled with sunset locations on the west side but this locations provides lots of opportunities.

In the first part of my Dolomites Vlog Series, I cover this area in much more detail.


3) Alpe di Siusi

It’s hard not to miss this one off the list. This location is very popular and it’s clear to see why.

I visited this location at sunrise on two occasions and I really enjoyed the photography here. This was a lucky place for me as I managed to capture some mist in the valley and see some spectacular colours in the sky.

Make sure you do your research when visiting this location and plan accordingly to ensure you can access this area and avoid any fines.


4) Giau Pass

Another classic location for photography. I visited Giau Pass a couple of times on my trip but the weather didn’t quite play ball.

There are some trees in the area which turn a lovely golden colour in the height of autumn which worked quite well for me.

This location is very easy to get to and the car parks close by makes it a great place for a quick visit.


5) Lago Federa

Lago Federa is a beautiful and peaceful lake nestled amongst some dramatic peaks.

It was a long and strenuous hike to get here before sunrise and although the conditions didn’t quite work for me, it was a nice visit nonetheless.

The autumnal colours here are beautiful and if you’re lucky with some calm and sunny conditions, you’ll get a perfect reflection on the lake.


6) Gardena Pass

This picturesque mountain pass connects Val Gardena with the Val Badia and has some spectacular views.

I visited Gardena Pass for sunrise which was a last minute decision. I originally planned to return to the viewpoint of St. Magdalena church but thought this location might have more potential.

It certainly paid off and I got a spectacular sunrise.

See more from this area in the second part of my vlog series.


7) St Magdalena Church

Another classic photo spot in the Dolomites. I only spent one evening here and I have never seen so many photographers in one area (except for NYE fireworks).

I did struggle to come up with some different perspectives from what you usually see online but a great scene nonetheless.

I had hoped for some more autumnal colours here but autumn was a later than usual this year. I guess I’ll have to return 😉


8) Tre Cime di Lavaredo

This is a fantastic area for photography and hiking. On my visit I spent much of the day exploring the area.

The obvious composition includes the iconic and unique three peaks.

I would suggest doing some research and forward planning as this area can get quite busy, especially in the summer months.

See more of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo area in my vlog episode.


9) Cinque Torri

I’ve saved my favourite location last. I really enjoying visiting this area, so much so, I visited multiple times.

I think there’s a good variety of subjects to take photos of and it’s a location that is suited for sunrise and sunset.

There’s a lot to explore here and if I return to the Dolomites, I’ll definitely come back.

As a word of caution, the road to get to Cinque Torri is narrow and windy. It can be a challenge if you encounter oncoming cars.


Thank You

Thanks for viewing. I hope you found this article helpful and inspired you on your adventure to the Dolomites. Feel free to comment on this article or drop me a message on social media if you have any further questions.

As I mentioned in the opening part of the article, there is a lot more to photograph in the Dolomites and this is simply my personal experience.