About Me

I’m a passionate photographer from the UK with a love for travel and exploration. I love to document my adventures and photography from around the world, capturing incredible moments and creating unforgettable memories.

Photography is currently a serious hobby away from the working week in the corporate world. I’m always looking to improve my photography, share my work with others and hopefully inspire some people along the way. 


What I Enjoy About Photography

I’ve always found that photography involves lots of very different skills and expertise…

  • Getting the most out of your image requires a good technical understanding of editing software and how to get the best of your images. 
  • Researching locations and scouting for compositions nudges you to learn about the history of the area and understand how the landscape changes with the seasons, the tide or the weather conditions.
  • Capturing unique images requires an element of dedication and takes you to beautiful places you would never visit, or experience, if not for photography.
  • Feeling present in the moment and finding relaxation as the sun comes up over the horizon or as dramatic clouds move across the sky. For that moment, all that matters is capturing what you see. 
  • Having the perseverance to return to the same location in the pursuit of the perfect image or having the patience to wait for the light to change (and inevitably doesn’t).
  • Finding inspiration from other photographers and the amazing locations around the world.


I hope that gives you a little insight on me…