Nestled in southern Spain, Seville is a vibrant city with rich history, beautiful architecture and a lively culture.

On my visit, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful architecture which provided many great opportunities for photography.

Seville is not a typical photography location and when I was researching for inspiration, I couldn’t find many articles so I decided to create a short article to help fellow travel and landscape photographers by sharing my experience.

As a disclaimer, this is not a complete list of photo locations in Seville and is just my experience from a weekend break in the city.


1) Plaza de Espana

Plaza de España is a picturesque square filled with stunning architecture, making it a perfect spot for photography.

I would argue this is the best location in Seville for photography and I got some of my favourite shots from the trip here.

Sunrise is probably the best time of day as you’ll have the square all to yourself.


2) Royal Alcázar of Seville

This is possibly the most popular tourist thing to do in the city.

The Royal Alcázar of Seville has a beautiful blend of Moorish and Mudejar architecture, offering photographers an exquisite array of intricate details, lush gardens, and enchanting courtyards.

On my visit, I really enjoyed capturing the intricate details.


3) La Giralda

La Giralda is an iconic symbol of Seville, rising majestically above the city. This area is very busy during the day but by venturing there before and during sunrise, you can have the place all to yourself.

I went to this area with no single image in mind but I used La Giralda as a focal point in the images I was capturing.

I wasn’t sure if I came away with a decent image that morning, but I was pleasantly surprised after editing this image.


4) Setas de Sevilla

The Setas de Sevilla, colloquially dubbed ‘The Mushrooms’ represents a striking juxtaposition of contemporary urban design amidst the rich tapestry of Seville’s historical charm.

I paid a quick visit to Setas de Sevilla, and I really enjoyed capturing some abstract images of the unique textures and patterns.

If I had another day in the city, I would have headed here for sunrise and during the blue hour to capture more of the surrounding area.


5. Parque de María Luisa

With its lush greenery and tranquil atmosphere, Parque de María Luisa is a serene oasis in the heart of Seville.

I really enjoyed walking around this park and I couldn’t quite believe how many orange trees there were.

The highlight for me in terms of photography was the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, particularly during the blue hour light.


Seville Travel Photography Vlog

On my weekend visit, I did a vlog to capture my experiences and show many of the locations listed in this article.


Thank You

Thanks for viewing. I hope you found this article helpful and inspired you on your adventure to Seville. Feel free to comment on this article or drop me a message on social media if you have any further questions.

As I mentioned in the opening part of the article, there is a lot more to photograph in Seville and this is simply my personal experience.