Located next to the Baltic Sea, the charming city of Gdansk boasts a beautiful old town characterised by its picturesque architecture, cobbled streets and charming waterfront.

On my visit to Gdansk, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful architecture which provided many great photographic opportunities.

When I was researching places to photograph in Gdansk, I couldn’t find many guides on this subject so I decided to create a short article to help fellow travel photographers by sharing my experience.

As a disclaimer, this is not a complete list of photo locations in Gdansk and is just my experience from a weekend break in the city.


1) Mariacka Street

This is a very photogenic street in Gdansk and is famous for its amber shops.

St Mary’s Basilica located at the end of the street provides a stunning backdrop for photography.

I enjoyed heading to this location early in the morning, before sunrise, to capture the blue hour light.


2) Long Waterfront

This area is steeped in history, serving as the heart of the city’s maritime trade for centuries.

Dotted along the waterfront you’ll see lots of historic warehouses and ships, which provide great subjects for photography.

Unfortunately during my visit, much of the waterfront area was under construction so I was more limited with this location.

However, I did find a viewpoint of the National Maritime Museum which I like.


3) Aerial Photography

The Gdansk skyline is beautiful and with an elevated viewpoint, you can perfectly capture this.

By using a drone I was able to capture St Mary’s Church and the Town Hall, nestled amongst the city.

Be sure to have the right documentation and comply with the local drone laws.


4) Main Town Hall

The tower of the main town hall provides an excellent focal point for photography.

I spent some time walking around this area and found a location on Chlebnicka Street that framed the building nicely.

This location may be more difficult to photograph during the summer months as the restaurants use the pavements for outside seating (which can clutter the scene).


5) Long Market

Long Market is a great location for photography. It features many colourful townhouses and also has the Neptune Fountain.

It’s not until you look up that you see how beautiful these buildings really are.

I enjoyed taking some panoramic photos here.


Gdansk Travel Vlog

On my weekend visit, I did a vlog to capture my experiences and show many of the locations listed in this article.


Thank You

Thanks for viewing. I hope you found this article helpful and inspired you on your adventure to Gdansk. Feel free to comment on this article or drop me a message on social media if you have any further questions.

As I mentioned in the opening part of the article, there is a lot more to photograph in Gdansk and this is simply my personal experience.